Herringbone with Wood Look Tile

Room HB LightOak Wood Look Tile

Room HB MahoganyMahogany Wood look Tile

We ♥ Wood Look Tile.  After spending some time perusing Houzz.com we found these two room scenes to be our favorite.  Whether it is the Herringbone layout or just the incredible rooms (so nice perhaps any tile would look good) we love them.  And how could you not.  They get the beauty of wood and the durability of porcelain tile.

Wood Look porcelain tile is currently going through a rapid growth phase as the technology used to create the wood looks/impression is constantly improving.  It is taking a lot of business away from the laminate flooring market.  With laminate having moisture and water issues that tile just does not have.  Hassle free for bathrooms or any areas with a higher moisture reading.

We know our prices are incredible and hard to believe, but they are true.  How long we can hold items such as Redwood Natural for only $2.20SF is not clear.  The competition (like Home Depot and Lowes) sells the same item for $3.09SF, so you can see how low we are in comparison to the ‘Big Box’ retailer.  We are not just beating their price but smashing it.  How, well volume and lower overheads (for a complete explanation please visit out FAQ’s).  To get a quote, just enter the amount you need in square feet online and then click “checkout” prior to payment you get a complete quote, including shipping.  Any questions please email us woodtile@thebuilderdepot.com.

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