New Design Carrara Flower Mosaic

Carrara Flower Design with Nero MarquinaFlower Design in Carrara with Nero Marquina Dot maybe a new design for 2014

The Builder Depot is a market leader in Carrara marble mosaics and tiles.  With warehouses and offices in United States and Europe we have the world’s largest choice of Carrara mosaic tiles.  Our R&D team strives to create new designs and this is one of the new designs on the table for 2014.  Please let us know your thoughts (you can add a comment to this blog post).

5 Responses to New Design Carrara Flower Mosaic

  1. Susan lafaye says:

    I LOVE THIS and would order it now for a bathroom floor if it were available! Let me know if its possible

  2. Susan lafaye says:

    I would prefer it with a gray center tho

  3. Linda Knowles says:

    Love it. This flower motif is going to fly this season. Good Luck!

  4. Lalasa says:

    I am currently looking everywhere for this pattern. Any help?

    • Hi Lalasa,

      Thank you for your message.

      I am sorry at this time it is not a product we stock, our R&D department tries new items and then we show them and from hits, traffic and statistics can get very quick feedback on whether it is a product to go with or not. At this time, though I agree with you, it is very pretty. It is not a product we are adding 😦

      Thank you
      The Builder Depot.

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