Shipping Times Ground and Freight from The Builder Depot

This map covers two shipping methods.  The UPS ground shipping time in transit days (this does not include the day of pick up).  It also gives a rough ETA for the timing of a freight shipment.  For example.  You are in Texas, you place an order for 40SF+ (which is the size of a freight shipment or LTL) and you place the order on Monday, we could ship Tuesday or Wednesday (we ship in 24/48 hours) then two days after that you can expect a phone call from the freight company saying “we have your shipment in our local Texas terminal, when would be a good day to deliver”.  We cannot be exact on the delivery day of a freight shipment as you the customer has some control over the timing.  There you go as clear as mud.  Any questions please let us know

LTL = Less Than Truckload Shipping, should be LTT right 🙂

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